Diy Best Dog Grooming Tips at Home

For any dog ​​owner, any time spent with their dog is quality time. To make this moment even more unique and useful, you can learn how to prepare and  groom your dog at home yourself. The tips in this article will let you know how to prepare your dog at home to keep him strong and clean.Before starting the preparation


Before You Start Grooming Your Dog

Make sure you have all the items you will need. Prepare objects to clean your dog's eyes and ears, nail clippers, as well as hair clippers or scissors, and instruments for cleaning teeth and mouth. You will also need a cleanser, a thick towel, and tools to brush your dog's fur.

Diy Best Dog Grooming Tips at Home - HOMA plus

Clean His Fur

The most critical phase in grooming your dog is to brush him completely. Be sure to untangle any clumps or tangled strands of fur, as they will be almost difficult to remove once wet. Use a quality brush that will remove fur and dirt and circulate oils through your dog's coat. If your dog has short fur, brush it with a glove or a brush. You may need a sturdy brush or an undercoat rake if your dog has long fur. If you find hairs that cannot be brushed out, use clippers to remove them. Matted hair left unattended can make it easier for germs to grow on the skin, leading to contamination. If you constantly clipping huge segments of your dog's hair, it would be essential to clean and bathe him first!


Dog wash


Clean His Eyes

Next, you need to clean your dog's eyes. Caring for your dog's eyes will depend on the type of dog you have. Perfect and healthy eyes should be clear without any evidence of obstruction or other inconveniences. Carefully clean the edges of the eyes with lukewarm water. Dogs of the light or long-haired variety may require a unique tear stain remover to clean their eyes.


Ear Wash

Cleaning your dog's ears is the next step in preparation. Most dogs could go without cleaning their ears, and your dog could have trouble sitting still. Put a limited amount of ear cleaning solution on a cotton ball or a bit of material and wipe it into your dog's ear to remove any wax or dirt that may have accumulated. Be exceptionally gentle so as not to aggravate the delicate skin inside the ear and try not to dip too deep into the ear to avoid damage. Pour a few drops of scouring liquor into his ear to dry out the water and remove any ear bugs or microorganisms, then wipe the ear one last time with a cotton ball or dry cotton swab. If you see anything strange with your dog's ears, such as swelling or a strange smell, you should contact your veterinarian as this could very well be a sign of infection. Perfect, healthy ears should have no odor and should just retain a limited amount of wax. Be sure to warm ear cleaners, alcohol, or medications in room temperature water before using them in your dog's ears.


Teeth Cleaning

Whenever you've brushed your dog, removed tangled hair, and cleaned his eyes and ears, it's time to clean his teeth. Measurements show that approximately 20% of dogs have healthy teeth and do not suffer from a periodontal infection. A huge build-up of tartar on your dog's teeth will be cured long-term, creating problems with his liver and kidneys. To avoid these problems, you should clean your dog's teeth about twice a week.

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